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My son took his Honda Civic in for an oil change at the Richmond dealership, Sam Swope Honda.He drove it home and then on to work, which is about 15 to 20 miles of driving.

On his way to work he started noticing that the car didn't feel right. He takes very good care of his car, so he knew something was wrong. Once at work, he realized that the plug for the oil pan was gone and all the oil had leaked out. As everyone knows, driving a car with NO oil is very bad for the motor.

He went back to Honda (had the car towed there) and told them that they had failed to put things back correctly and he had been driving with no oil. The service manager was extremely rude to him and told him it wasn't their problem. Only after my son insisted, the manager rudely agreed to replace the oil and told my son that he never wanted to see him or his car on the property again. Even called him a "*** off." My son drove the car for a week and a half or so (with a previously perfectly good, low mileage engine) and began to have major issues with the motor.

He had a compression test done at a different mechanic who told him it was way low and most likely a result of the oil issue. He took it back to Honda, just a few miles away, and asked them to do a compression test not telling them that it had just been done. The same rude manager supposedly did the test and printed out results saying compression was normal. He returned to the first mechanic just to make sure and had it done yet again.

Results were very low again. That mechanic recommended a lawyer. We told Honda that we were looking into legal action, and they basically laughed at us. My son does not have money for a lawyer.

He just wants his car fixed by Honda. He now needs a whole new motor and can't afford it. He's 20 years old and trying to pay his way through college, and Honda of Richmond has royally screwed him over and will take no responsibility for it. They should not be allowed to make mistakes like that, wreck someone's car totally, and then sit back and deny fault.

Who does one complain to though? It's impossible to find a link to complain to anyone that matters at Honda and this manager is certainly not going to do the right thing. I have and will continue to tell everyone I know not to do business with this dealership!

My family had been good customers of theirs, but no more.I think the manager should be fired and all Honda employees trained on ethics!

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